Is there a possibility that Andrew Berry, the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns, is contemplating the return of Joe Flacco?

One of the pressing questions for the Browns this offseason is whether Joe Flacco will return in 2024. Andrew Berry, the Browns’ VP of football operations and general manager, provided a response during his first public statement since the team’s premature exit from the postseason last weekend. Berry did not definitively rule out the possibility of a reunion with the 39-year-old quarterback, stating that the decision on Flacco is yet to be determined.

While expressing a desire to have Flacco back and acknowledging his proficiency as a quarterback, Berry likened the situation to that of Jacoby Brissett last year, emphasizing that the outcome depends on various factors. Berry affirmed his willingness to bring back Flacco but acknowledged that certain constraints on both sides need to be considered.

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