Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is determined and unstoppable.

After enduring several unsuccessful attempts, the All-Pro defensive end for the Cleveland Browns sought assistance in the visitors’ locker room of the Denver Broncos. Eventually, he located a trainer who helped him don a long-sleeved white shirt and placed his troublesome shoulder, the source of his discomfort, in a sling.

Just five days later, Garrett strolled across UCLA’s practice field, demonstrating enough improvement in his shoulder to sip on a protein shake. Remarkably, he had not missed a single game throughout the entire season. Even with the pain persisting, he was determined not to sit out the upcoming match against the Los Angeles Rams.

Expressing his mindset, Garrett shared with ESPN, “Don’t find an excuse, find a way.” He emphasized that, in the end, the outcome is what matters, and no one looks back to consider injuries or difficulties. The focus remains on the box score and determining the winner.

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