Jim Harbaugh adds another remarkable statistic to Michigan Football’s achievements.

Michigan football’s outstanding 40-3 record in the last three seasons can be attributed to various factors. Jim Harbaugh’s leadership as an elite head coach, coupled with strategic hires, particularly at the defensive coordinator position, has played a crucial role. After losing Mike McDonald to the Baltimore Ravens, Harbaugh’s decision to bring in Jesse Minter turned out to be a highly successful move.

The team’s success is further underscored by the development of players like JJ McCarthy, the return of key offensive seniors such as Blake Corum, Trevor Keegan, and Zak Zinter, alongside several impactful defensive players. The culmination of these factors, particularly in 2023, contributed to Michigan’s national title win.

Amidst these accomplishments, there is another noteworthy area where Michigan has excelled, and it is often underestimated but not at U-M. Over the past three years, Michigan has achieved something unique in its special teams that no other program has matched. Despite the prevalence of touchbacks in college football, Michigan’s kickoff team has managed to avoid giving up a return of more than 30 yards, showcasing an extraordinary feat.

Special teams coordinator Jay Harbaugh emphasizes in a tweet that this accomplishment reflects a tough and hard-working mentality. The ability to prevent kickoff returns beyond 30 yards over three years is a testament to the dedication of 11-15 players who consistently give their all for the kickoff team. Recognizing the importance of this play as the start of every game and its potential to shift momentum, Michigan’s kickoff unit took their roles seriously, as evidenced by this impressive stat.

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