Spencer Strider and Max Fried headline an Atlanta Braves pitching rotation ready for action.

As Spring Training approaches, the Atlanta Braves are gearing up, starting with an in-depth examination of their rotation, with reporting set to begin on February 14.

Spencer Strider emerged as a dominant strikeout force in Major League Baseball, securing 20 wins in 2023. However, the rest of the rotation faced challenges marked by injuries and inconsistency throughout the season. The narrative for this group was a mix of highs and lows.

Max Fried, limited to only 14 starts, dealt with constraints. Kyle Wright faced a shoulder injury and was eventually traded to Kansas City during the offseason. Bryce Elder’s All-Star performance experienced a downturn in the second half, and Charlie Morton navigated through fluctuations, only to be sidelined by injury in the postseason. Simultaneously, the club continually rotated arms in the fifth spot of the rotation.

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