Jim Harbaugh’s demands are unrealistic and disconnected from reality.

The Ohio State football team posed a significant challenge to Jim Harbaugh. Before the 2021 season, Harbaugh had been unable to secure a victory against the Buckeyes, despite facing two different coaches. Facing mounting pressure from disillusioned Michigan fans, the 2021 season appeared to be his last opportunity to salvage his coaching position.

However, Harbaugh then orchestrated victories for TTUN over the Ohio State football program for three consecutive years. Despite this success, his national title achievement could be in jeopardy due to a cheating scandal, resulting in a suspension for the final three regular-season games. This suspension was in addition to the earlier three-game suspension served at the beginning of the year.

Despite these challenges, Harbaugh’s perspective on his contract and dealings with the NCAA Infractions Committee remains distorted. Reports suggest he is attempting to negotiate a contract with TTUN that would shield him from termination if found responsible for any future NCAA violations.

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