Georgia defensive lineman Warren Brinson declares his intention to play for the 2024 season.

Brinson, a member of the Bulldogs for the past four years and a former four-star prospect from the 2020 class at IMG Academy, has been a consistent presence on the team throughout his college career. Although initially a reserve defensive lineman during Georgia’s national championship victory in 2021, Brinson’s role expanded in the team’s repeat performance in 2022, where he played in all 15 games as a crucial rotational player.

While not securing a consistent starting position in 2023, Brinson still made significant contributions, particularly with the departure of Zion Logue for the 2024 NFL Draft. Despite starting in only three games, he achieved career highs with 21 tackles and two sacks, showcasing his reliability as a pressure force in the middle of the field for the Bulldogs.

Brinson is set to return for his fifth season, alongside fellow 2020 defensive line recruit Nazir Stackhouse. As the two oldest players in the defensive line group, they are expected to take on more substantial roles. Additionally, the defensive line will feature other key players such as rising fourth-year Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins, rising third-years Mykel Williams and Christen Miller, and rising second-years Jordan Hall and Jamaal Jarrett.

In the 2024 class, the Bulldogs have recruited five freshmen for the defensive line, and they have also acquired transfer Xzavier McLeod from South Carolina. Brinson and Stackhouse’s return provides a crucial veteran presence that might have been lacking otherwise. With one final season each, they have the opportunity to contribute to another playoff push for the Bulldogs and enhance their respective draft prospects.

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