Former Tennessee Vols wide receiver Jauan Jennings found himself in a situation on Sunday where he needed to clarify a social media post that was misconstrued.

Jennings, who now plays as a wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, shared his thoughts on the Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver situation on Instagram, ahead of their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night.

(AJ Brown is out for the Eagles and DeVonta Smith is a bit banged up.)

In his post, Jennings wrote, “Jalen Hurts [probably] wishing he had me. Who else they got at receiver, because I truly don’t know. Is number 6 (Smith) playing? Sheesh I hope so or it’s [over] for them folks.”

Predictably, some social media accounts misinterpreted Jennings’ post, suggesting that he was trash-talking the Eagles.

Jennings later clarified that he was simply expressing his perspective on the Eagles’ injuries and the challenge quarterback Jalen Hurts would face without all of his offensive weapons available for the game.

“I played with Jalen Hurts in the @theseniorbowl, just saying he has no weapons this game,” Jennings explained.

As is often the case, a straightforward comment on social media ended up being taken out of context.

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