Temple’s defensive back, Jalen McMurray, has officially declared his intention to transfer to the Tennessee Volunteers, adding another notable name to the team’s revamped defensive back roster.

McMurray, who previously played for Temple, made the announcement early on Tuesday, marking Tennessee’s latest acquisition from the transfer portal.

Standing at approximately 6 feet tall and weighing 180 pounds, McMurray served as a cornerback for the Owls. Despite being a Redshirt-Sophomore in the past season, he has an impressive track record at Temple. During his redshirt freshman campaign, McMurray earned the distinction of All-Freshman, amassing 49 tackles, 7 pass breakups, and securing one interception while leading the team in overall pass breakups. His redshirt sophomore season saw him contribute with four pass breakups and 24 tackles.

McMurray is part of a cohort of talented transfers making their way to the Tennessee Volunteers. Among defensive backs, he joins Jakobe Thomas from Middle Tennessee State and Jermod McCoy from Oregon State. Additionally, offensive players Chris Brazzell and Holden Staes are set to make the move to Tennessee.

Expected to play a significant role, either as a starter or as part of the rotational squad, McMurray’s arrival comes as the Volunteers face a notable exodus of seven defensive backs transferring out, with several others declaring their intentions to enter the NFL draft.

Tennessee had expressed interest in McMurray for some time, and his inclusion in the team reflects the fulfillment of their aspirations. With the offseason ahead, the Volunteers are poised to make further additions to their roster through transfers while also focusing on recruitment for the 2025 season.

As the Volunteers continue to shape their roster, McMurray’s arrival adds depth and talent to the team’s defensive backfield, setting the stage for an exciting season ahead.

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