A former power hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies may be on the verge of signing as a free agent soon. The Phillies’ shift of Bryce Harper to first base has led to the departure of Rhys Hoskins. Though his exit due to injury is unfortunate, there’s no animosity; it’s viewed as part of the business, mutually understood by both sides.

Barring unexpected changes in the Phillies’ management that lead to Nick Castellanos being traded, Harper is set to play first base next season. Consequently, Hoskins has been exploring other options.

Reports from MLB.com suggest a growing interest in Hoskins in the free agency market, with the Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs showing the most prominent interest among several teams.

The 30-year-old player is recovering from a torn ACL suffered last year during Spring Training. When in good health, he consistently poses a threat, delivering 30-plus home runs each season.

Given the Cubs’ lineup’s lack of power, Hoskins seems a fitting addition. However, if Chicago retains Cody Bellinger and expects Pete Crow-Armstrong’s impact in 2024, Hoskins might not be their top choice.

Since his 2017 debut with the Phillies, Hoskins has excelled, hitting 148 home runs, with 405 RBIs, and maintaining a .242/.353/.492 slash line in 2,427 at-bats. He has consistently hit 27 or more home runs in seasons with over 100 games played.

Any team acquiring Hoskins, provided he returns to full fitness, would eagerly embrace his offensive prowess in their lineup.

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