The Philadelphia Phillies are set to commence their pursuit of international free agents starting on January 15, aligning with Major League Baseball’s opening for signings.

Last season, the team allocated $3 million from their $4.4 million bonus pool to secure shortstop Jesus Caba, ranked 13th among international prospects, known for his switch-hitting prowess and exceptional fielding skills.

Looking ahead to this year’s signings, Baseball America compiled its Top 50 bonus board, projecting the 50 largest signing bonuses internationally and linking players to the teams most likely to sign them. Among these projections, the Phillies are anticipated to secure Dominican Republic outfielder Jalvin Arias, slated for the 29th-largest signing bonus.

This potential signing signifies a strategic move for the Phillies, considering Arias’ current role as a center fielder and his promising potential to evolve into a power-hitting player, possibly transitioning to a corner outfield position in the future.

Born in 2006, Arias possesses significant time for development, with ample room to grow into his 6-foot-4, 205-pound physique.

As the Phillies delve into international signings, they boast a roster of promising prospects recognized as their Organizational All-Stars by last month. This star-studded list features notable names such as reliever Orion Kerkering, who contributed during the Phillies’ postseason run in the NL Championship Series, ultimately losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Among the standout prospects named on the All-Star roster are outfielders Weston Wilson, Justin Crawford, Simon Muzziotti, and Emaarion Boyd, along with pitchers Mick Abel, Matt Osterberg, and others like first baseman Carlos De La Cruz, catcher Caleb Ricketts, second baseman Oliver Dunn, and third baseman Matt Kroon.

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