Buffalo Bills pass rusher Von Miller spoke publicly for the first time since his surrender to the police on a felony domestic violence charge last month. The 34-year-old immediately denied allegations of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, deeming them “completely inaccurate and blown out of proportion.”

According to the affidavit penned by officers during Miller’s arrest, the incident purportedly involved a violent assault on his pregnant girlfriend at their Dallas residence on November 29. Police noted observing injuries consistent with the reported claims upon reaching the scene. Miller was taken into custody at the DeSoto Tri-City Jail the day after the alleged event and was released on a $5,000 bond.

Subsequently, the woman involved referred to the incident as a “significant misunderstanding.”

Addressing reporters on Thursday, Miller refuted the allegations, asserting that while he and his girlfriend, in a relationship for seven years, indeed encounter issues like any other couple, there have never been occurrences aligning with the accusations against him.

When pressed to specify which aspects of the police affidavit were inaccurate, Miller responded with a laugh, stating that “all of it” was false. He promptly acknowledged the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the accuracy only in the fact that his girlfriend is pregnant with their third child.

Despite the woman’s report of being six weeks pregnant at the time of the alleged incident and affirming their seven-year relationship, Miller confirmed they remain together.

Responding to inquiries about potential altercations with his girlfriend, Miller dismissed social media portrayals as untrue, labeling the situation a “wild day.” Expressing regret at his name being associated with such events, he expressed determination to clear the air when given the opportunity.

Throughout his address, Miller reiterated his desire for clarification on the circumstances surrounding his arrest, trusting those close to him to understand his true character.

Regarding his return to the team post-arrest, Bills general manager Brandon Beane indicated Miller wouldn’t miss game time despite the felony charge. The Bills, aligning with the NFL’s stance, plan to await the legal process’s conclusion.

Miller, who signed a six-year, $120 million contract in 2022, has played 11 games this season, including the last three post the alleged incident. He acknowledged ongoing recovery from ACL surgery over a year ago, noting dissatisfaction with his current knee condition.

Acknowledging both on-field and off-field challenges, the eight-time Pro Bowler emphasized his commitment to contributing to the team’s success amid a tough phase.

With a 9-6 record, the Bills are set to face the New England Patriots as they push for the playoffs.

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