Ohio State’s upcoming game against the Missouri Tigers in the 2023 Goodyear Cotton Bowl is poised to be a distinctive event due to a rare occurrence: both teams opting for their primary colors in their uniform choices.

In this neutral game where Ohio State holds the status of the “home” team, they will sport their scarlet jerseys, while Missouri, functioning as the “away” team, will showcase their all-black attire, deviating from their typical white uniforms.

This decision results in a significant departure from the usual uniform matchups, with both teams displaying one of their primary colors rather than one donning white. However, this unconventional color combination historically hasn’t favored the Buckeyes, as demonstrated by past instances.

The last time such a uniform clash occurred in Ohio State’s history dates back to the 1976 Rose Bowl against the UCLA Bruins, culminating in a surprising defeat for the unranked Buckeyes. A prior ‘color vs. color’ matchup happened in an earlier Rose Bowl against the Cal Bears in 1921, although this alignment was commonplace during that era.

This unique ‘color vs. color’ game between Ohio State and Missouri kicks off at 8 p.m. Eastern on Friday, December 29, airing live on ESPN.

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