The Athletic’s NFL section features a comprehensive rundown of upcoming games and recent performances. One highlighted story delves into the Dallas Cowboys’ upcoming game and their potential for a significant victory. The piece emphasizes quarterback Dak Prescott’s emphasis on accountability as a crucial starting point for the team’s improvement. Prescott’s acknowledgment of personal improvement and commitment to team success is a focal point in the narrative.

The article discusses the Cowboys’ recent back-to-back losses, juxtaposed against the Detroit Lions’ surge as a formidable team following their previous encounter with the Cowboys. It explores Prescott’s acknowledgment of his own potential for improvement, emphasizing his continuous self-critique to enhance his performance.

Moreover, the article touches upon offensive issues during the recent game against the Miami Dolphins, highlighting the decreased targeting of star receiver CeeDee Lamb in the second and third quarters. It also notes the potential return of left tackle Tyron Smith and the impact it may have on the team’s performance.

Prescott’s recognition of the Lions’ defense as a formidable challenge is featured, along with the potential for Prescott and Lamb to shine in the upcoming game against a defense that has shown vulnerabilities in the passing game.

The article also mentions Lamb’s near-franchise record in single-season receptions and the potential milestone he could achieve in the upcoming game.

Overall, the piece encapsulates the Cowboys’ current state, their challenges, and the potential for improvement and success moving forward.

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