After a notably rough outing in his short NFL career, Brock Purdy faced a significant learning curve, throwing four unexpected interceptions during the 49ers’ surprising 33-19 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Christmas Day at Levi’s Stadium.

Coach Kyle Shanahan analyzed the game footage alongside Purdy, discussing insights gleaned from the young quarterback’s performance.

Shanahan shared, “He needs to move ahead and treat it as a game. We reviewed the game. He does his personal analysis before our discussion. I had the chance to watch it with him yesterday. It’s always challenging when you have four interceptions and no touchdowns, especially when four occurred within the first two minutes of the third quarter. However, when we scrutinize each one, discussing why they happened, and the circumstances, it’s evident that it’s part of the coaching process we go through each week.”

Purdy, who had been riding the NFL MVP hype train for weeks, experienced a setback and now faces the task of bouncing back against the Washington Commanders on the road this Sunday.

Shanahan remains optimistic that the four-interception game will contribute positively to Purdy’s development in the long run.

“I believe the most significant aspect for Brock was how the first half unfolded,” Shanahan expressed. “In our conversation, I felt his biggest struggle came after those four picks. The initial interception was a poor mistake. The subsequent three were unfortunate situations where there aren’t excuses – just challenging football plays, credit to the opposition’s good plays. But playing extensively after four picks, particularly when trailing against that caliber of defense, is tough.”

“I think it was a valuable experience for him, understanding the emotions, comprehending what and why it occurred, and still having to perform on the field. That kind of exposure is the best lesson from that game.”

Despite sustaining a stinger in back-to-back games, Purdy fully participated in 49ers practice on Wednesday, expected to be unrestricted in Week 17.

As the 49ers aim to maintain the NFC’s top seed, Purdy’s rapid recovery from his errors is imperative. Facing the 4-11 Commanders could serve as an opportunity for the 24-year-old quarterback to rebound.

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