Despite facing the challenge of utilizing four different starting quarterbacks this season, Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski has propelled the team to a remarkable 10-5 record, positioning them strongly to contend for the top seed in the AFC.

Throughout this season, Stefanski has navigated a revolving door of quarterbacks, yet this ongoing adjustment hasn’t rattled the fourth-year head coach.

Former NFL star Rob Gronkowski praised Stefanski, advocating for him to receive the Coach of the Year accolade during a recent appearance on the Up & Adams Show.

The Browns’ flexibility under Stefanski’s leadership is evident in their victories with each of the four starting quarterbacks—Deshaun Watson, PJ Walker, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, and currently, Joe Flacco—culminating in a 10-5 record by Week 16.

Gronkowski commended Stefanski’s achievement, highlighting the rarity of a coach triumphing with four different quarterbacks while steering the team toward securing the top wildcard spot in the playoffs, a feat within reach if the Browns continue their winning streak.

Closing out their season with a Thursday Night Football faceoff against the New York Jets and a subsequent away game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 18, the Browns aim to solidify at least the top Wild Card position. Yet, if certain circumstances align—a pair of victories for Cleveland along with specific outcomes in games involving the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins—the Browns could potentially secure the AFC’s top overall seed.

Joe Flacco, the Browns’ latest addition to their quarterback roster this season, has a compelling narrative leading to his current starting role. Overcoming injury struggles and starting the season without a contract, the 38-year-old veteran joined the Browns’ practice squad in November. He assumed the starting position in Week 13 following Watson’s season-ending injury and has since guided Cleveland to a 3-1 record, amassing 1,307 passing yards, 10 touchdowns, and seven interceptions in this four-game stretch.

Gronkowski praised Flacco’s impressive performance, emphasizing the veteran’s remarkable transition from being off the field to his current standout role within a month.

The upcoming matchup against the New York Jets holds particular significance for Flacco, representing a “revenge game” as he spent 2.5 seasons with the Jets, including the previous year. Gronkowski expressed his clear support for Flacco, hoping for a dominant performance against the Jets’ secondary, especially after the Jets declined Flacco’s services earlier in the season when Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury in Week 1.

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