In an unexpected turn, the Baltimore Ravens triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night with a 33-19 victory, securing their NFL-best 12-3 record. This win not only showcased their dominance on the road but also cast doubt on the 49ers’ status as contenders, with Lamar Jackson leading the charge.

Jackson and the Ravens soared into Levi’s Stadium, causing trouble for 49ers’ quarterback Brock Purdy, a former MVP candidate. Purdy’s struggle culminated in him making history as the first Niners QB in six years to throw four interceptions.

The outcome might have surprised sports commentator Mike “Flores” Florio, who had previously made headlines with a bold but inaccurate prediction favoring the 49ers. Jackson notably addressed Florio, first calling him “Flores” in the tunnel after the win, then elaborating on the disrespect during his postgame press conference.

“Discrediting us isn’t fair,” Jackson emphasized, expressing respect for the 49ers while defending the Ravens’ prowess. He pointed out that while Florio is entitled to his opinion, the disrespectful tone was unwarranted, especially considering Florio doesn’t experience the game on the field.

Jackson minced no words, suggesting Florio might have aimed for attention or views with his comments. Florio swiftly responded with a public apology on social media, though the gesture couldn’t undo the damage caused.

Lamar’s stellar performance, as praised by Coach John Harbaugh, solidified his position as a top contender for the MVP award, surpassing even members of the 49ers in the race.

Looking ahead, the Ravens face the Miami Dolphins while aiming to maintain their winning streak, while the 49ers strive to secure victories for a playoff berth—a challenge that may prove harder than Florio initially suggested.

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