The Pittsburgh Steelers are facing uncertainty regarding their starting quarterback for the upcoming game against the Seahawks. Even though Kenny Pickett, the primary quarterback, is progressing in recovery from an injury, Mason Rudolph made a significant impact in his first start in over two years against the Cincinnati Bengals. This unexpected success has created a dilemma for head coach Mike Tomlin about who to field as the starting quarterback in the next game.

Coach Tomlin acknowledged that it’s premature to make a decision about sticking with Rudolph going forward. The team’s immediate focus is assessing Pickett’s health for the upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks. Despite Pickett’s return to practice in a limited capacity three weeks after ankle surgery, his availability remains uncertain within the original two to four-week recovery timeframe.

Rudolph stepped in for the struggling Mitch Trubisky during the Week 15 loss to the Colts, playing only one series. However, in the game against the Bengals, Rudolph delivered an exceptional performance, marking his best NFL game yet. He completed 17 of 27 passes for 290 yards and two touchdowns, without any interceptions, significantly contributing to the Steelers’ dominant 34-11 victory. His outstanding display set a season-high in points and offensive touchdowns for the team.

When asked if he felt he deserved another start, Rudolph deferred the decision to the coaching staff, emphasizing that it’s beyond his control. He expressed readiness to follow instructions given by the coaches.

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