Outside the building, there’s a lot of talk about the future of Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, but inside, things are proceeding normally. The Steelers aren’t looking to make a change and have no reason to believe Tomlin wants to leave the team he’s been with since 2007. In fact, sources indicate the Steelers plan to extend Tomlin’s contract before the 2024 season starts. He’s heavily involved in planning for the team’s future and doesn’t seem unhappy or eager for a change.

While another team might try to approach the Steelers in the offseason to acquire Tomlin, the Steelers have no intention of letting him go, and there’s no sign that Tomlin wants to leave either. Despite potential discontent from some fans, it’s cautioned that finding someone as capable as Tomlin might not be easy. Even if he were to leave, there’s a good chance he’d excel elsewhere.

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