Former Tennessee Vols offensive coordinator Alex Golesh concluded his highly successful inaugural season as the head coach at USF with an authoritative 45-0 victory over Syracuse in the Boca Raton Bowl on Thursday night.

Under Golesh’s leadership, USF wrapped up the season at 7-6, a stark improvement from the previous year’s 1-11 record during Jeff Scott’s final term as the Bulls’ head coach.

Following USF’s resounding triumph over Syracuse, Golesh was featured in an ESPN interview where he delivered an incredibly bold line in a post-game interview: “We just went and whooped that ass, didn’t we?” The way Golesh delivered the line, coupled with a casual demeanor and a subtle head nod, amplified its impact.

There’s a noticeable absence at Tennessee, indicating a longing for Golesh’s influence in Knoxville. His demeanor brought a certain confidence that elevated Tennessee’s offensive dynamics, and this was vividly evident in Thursday night’s performance in Florida.

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