The St. Louis Cardinals aim to bolster their bullpen this offseason, and a former New York Yankees pitcher could be a fitting choice. With the free-agent relief pitcher market anticipated to gain momentum after a slow start due to the signings of Ohtani and Yamamoto, teams are now expected to actively pursue available arms. The Cardinals have already made strides by addressing their needs for starting pitchers, but the bullpen remains a significant gap in their roster.

St. Louis requires at least two impactful relievers, and there’s a pool of talent to explore. Among them is Wandy Peralta, a former player for the Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, and the Yankees. Peralta, now a free agent, showcased impressive performances in recent seasons, boasting a 2.83 ERA in 2023 and a 2.72 ERA in 2022 while accumulating strikeouts. As an experienced left-handed pitcher with eight years in the league, his potential addition to the Cardinals could provide the necessary support. With an estimated contract value around $7 million per year, well within the Cardinals’ financial reach, considering Peralta seems a viable option. While the relief pitcher market has been relatively quiet, pursuing Peralta could be a strategic move for St. Louis to fortify their bullpen.

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