Damontae Kazee, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ safety, had his suspension upheld, which means it remains valid.

The NFL confirmed this decision after a hearing overseen by James Thrash, a designated officer from the NFL and NFL Players Association. However, there’s a chance Kazee might be able to return to the team if they make it to the playoffs.

The suspension came about because Kazee violated player safety rules with a forceful hit on Michael Pittman Jr. from the Indianapolis Colts during their recent game. This hit caused Pittman to suffer a concussion, resulting in Kazee being ejected during the second quarter.

This season hasn’t been smooth for Kazee in terms of discipline, as he’s faced five fines already.

Despite the suspension, some players, including Tom Brady, have come to Kazee’s defense. Brady shared his thoughts on Instagram, pointing out that blaming the defensive player alone isn’t fair. He emphasized the responsibility of quarterbacks in avoiding situations that lead to such hits on their teammates.

With the Steelers standing at a 7-7 record, they’re set to play against the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday.

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