The Philadelphia Eagles experienced a disappointing defeat against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night, despite having secured a playoff spot. Following the loss, fans have raised concerns about the team’s playcalling, particularly in the game’s final moments. In a poll conducted by 6abc viewers, over 50% voted in favor of a coaching change to break the team’s losing streak. Around 25% suggested the need for adjustments in offensive strategies or another shake-up in defense, while the remaining 25% believed that no change would solve the issues.

South Philadelphia resident John Pastor described the performance as “horrible,” echoing the disappointment expressed by others like Joe Natale and Carmella Jones. The defeat against the Seahawks pushed the Dallas Cowboys to the top of the NFC East, just ahead of the Eagles.

Derek Leonard of Reading celebrated the Cowboys’ gain, as both teams now hold a 10-4 record, yet the Eagles still have an opportunity to dictate their playoff path and secure home-field advantage.

North Philadelphia’s William Cardona maintained faith in the Eagles despite the setback, emphasizing the need to persevere.

Although the Eagles led for most of the game, they failed to score in the fourth quarter, allowing the Seahawks to mount a comeback and secure victory with 10 points, including a crucial touchdown in the final 30 seconds. The Eagles’ attempt at a long pass in the last 13 seconds was intercepted as time expired.

Fans like Pasto highlighted concerns about the offensive play-calling, while Natale pinpointed cornerback performance and the team’s inability to make decisive plays at the game’s end. Jones expressed hope for a rebound but suggested changes were necessary, although she didn’t foresee a Super Bowl win in the team’s future without adjustments.

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