Jeremiah Beasley, who has committed to Michigan, is participating in the Wolverines’ preparations for the Rose Bowl, expressing gratitude for the opportunity as “a wonderful blessing.”

Ann Arbor, Michigan—Jeremiah Beasley, a committed Michigan football player, doesn’t resemble your typical incoming freshman, especially considering he was on the high school field just a few weeks ago.

The highly-rated linebacker from Belleville (Mich.) High School is on the verge of officially joining the Wolverines. He recently joined the team’s practice sessions and is set to participate in the College Football Playoff as Michigan gears up to face Alabama in the Rose Bowl.

“I had my first practice yesterday. I’ll be heading to the bowl game with the team and everything. We leave on the 26th, so that’ll be a great experience,” Beasley shared. “After that, it’s early enrollment. I’ll start classes when they return from break. We’ve got spring ball and all that, so I’m ready to put in the work.”

“My high school football ended barely a month ago—just three weeks, really. So, it’s truly a blessing,” he added.

During a recent event, Beasley visited the Blue Leprechaun to support Will Johnson and Semaj Morgan as they organized a holiday toy drive. Both U-M players spent over two hours signing autographs and taking pictures in exchange for gifts they plan to distribute in Detroit.

Beasley’s presence underscores a longstanding relationship with them: His older brother competed against Johnson in 7-on-7, and he grew up with Morgan, who is only a year older.

“We’re all really close, so I came out to show my support,” Beasley explained.

While observing from nearby—just a 20-minute drive on I-94—Beasley has seen Morgan emerge as a standout player during his freshman year at U-M. The swift receiver has made 17 receptions for 183 yards and two touchdowns, including an impactful 87-yard punt return against Iowa in the Big Ten Championship.

“It’s motivating for me to see someone that young make such a big impact,” Beasley remarked. “It shows me that you can come in early and make a difference, maybe even surpass that.”

Beasley shared that the U-M coaching staff sees him as a WILL linebacker. Despite uncertainties in the coaching room following Chris Partridge’s departure, he remains unfazed.

“I feel comfortable,” he stated regarding the coaching staff. “Right now, Jesse Minter, whose father is a linebacker coach, is handling things. He’s a really good and knowledgeable guy. They’re planning to bring in someone after the bowl game, so it won’t disrupt this year’s plans. I trust they’ll make a good choice, so I’m at ease with it all.”

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