Is Mike Tomlin accurate in labeling the Pittsburgh Steelers as ‘fundamentally poor’?

Steelers Mike Tomlin ranked as 10th best head coach in NFL by CBS - Behind the Steel Curtain

In a nutshell, even the head coach struggled to find positivity in his team, painting a bleak picture for the Pittsburgh Steelers. After a string of losses culminating in a 30-13 defeat against the Indianapolis Colts, Coach Mike Tomlin didn’t hold back, acknowledging the team’s fundamental shortcomings. He admitted, “Let’s be honest, right? We are a fundamentally poor football group right now.” Tomlin highlighted turnovers, penalties, situational play, and a lack of fundamentals as the team’s glaring issues.

This assessment isn’t too harsh; in fact, it’s quite accurate. The Steelers’ offense has struggled to breach the 20-point mark in five consecutive games, the defense has grappled with injuries, and special teams, especially Chris Boswell, has faltered. Penalties have further plagued their performance, with eight in the recent loss alone, totaling 101 yards. Comparatively, the Colts only incurred two penalties, amounting to a mere 10 yards.

Kenny Pickett’s absence due to injury has notably impacted the team. His leadership saw a promising 7-4 start, but since his injury, the team has floundered to a 7-7 record, failing to secure a win. The Steelers now face an uphill battle, with the AFC standings shifting, potentially jeopardizing their season if they falter against the Cincinnati Bengals in the upcoming crucial game.

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