Clayton Kershaw responds to Shohei Ohtani signing a contract with the Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw undecided on Dodgers future after surgery

Amid the frenzy surrounding the Shohei Ohtani negotiations, Clayton Kershaw’s status seems somewhat overlooked. The highly regarded pitcher, likely a future Hall of Famer, currently remains a free agent. His postseason struggles against the Diamondbacks led to surgery for a shoulder problem. While a potential return to play in 2024 isn’t ruled out, there’s uncertainty whether he’ll return at all, let alone with the Dodgers.

In a conversation with AM570’s David Vassegh regarding the hype around Ohtani and the Dodgers, Kershaw marveled at the staggering financial aspect and acknowledged Ohtani’s unmatched talent. However, he carefully avoided revealing his own intentions for a potential comeback.

Regarding Kershaw’s situation, three plausible outcomes emerge:

1. Retirement to prioritize family time.
2. Signing with the Texas Rangers, considering his ties to Dallas and their recent World Series win.
3. Re-signing with the Dodgers, his long-time team where he’s established as one of the franchise’s top pitchers.

Living in Dallas during the offseason and raising a family there might pull Kershaw toward the Rangers, especially with their recent success. Yet, picturing Kershaw in any uniform other than the Dodgers’ seems odd given his legacy with the team.

There’s the possibility of a short-term contract, allowing Kershaw to ease back into the game without the pressure of being the pitching staff’s focal point. With players like Buehler and Glasnow, Kershaw’s varied pitching style could complement their velocity well. The idea of him playing alongside Ohtani would be noteworthy, considering their status as standout players in their respective eras.

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