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Despite the Oakland A’s confirming their move to Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Dodgers hold greater popularity in Nevada. Baseball-Reference, a prominent baseball resource, unveiled a map showcasing the most-viewed teams by state, revealing intriguing insights, especially amid the A’s relocation plans.

The A’s generated significant buzz in the baseball scene in 2023, commencing with their April 19 announcement about relocating to Nevada. One might assume this news, coupled with Nevada gaining its own team, would steer traffic toward the A’s on Baseball-Reference in the state. However, this wasn’t the case.

It’s worth noting the context here. The Los Angeles Dodgers already enjoy support in Nevada and boast a roster brimming with star players. While the A’s experienced their poorest season in Oakland history, they are poised to become the new local team in a few years’ time.

Although attempts were made to gather more data on the A’s popularity in Nevada from Baseball-Reference, additional details weren’t provided. Therefore, the available information revolves around this singular graph. Despite expectations, it’s surprising that the A’s didn’t claim the top spot. In 2022, for instance, the New York Mets led in Nevada, likely due to the team’s significant moves and payroll expansion.

In 2022, the A’s held the lead in three states—Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Maryland—albeit relatively smaller ones, with logos not fitting entirely in two cases.

These insights suggest that Nevadans tend to support winning teams. The crucial aspect concerning the A’s revolves around John Fisher’s potential investment to elevate the team’s standing and relevance in their planned new home.

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