Moises Caicedo discussed the eventful summer transfer window where Chelsea and Liverpool vied for his signature. Despite pressure from Liverpool, Caicedo opted for Stamford Bridge, commanding a record-breaking £115 million fee. The saga dominated the window’s final days, ending with Brighton earning a substantial fee and Liverpool securing other midfielders.

Questions arose about Caicedo’s decision, especially with Liverpool excelling in the Premier League while Chelsea struggled in 12th place. Despite featuring in 14 out of 16 league games, winning only five, and a debut against West Ham resulting in a penalty in a 3-1 loss, Caicedo stood by his choice, citing Chelsea’s support and desire for his presence.

“Chelsea had been in talks with me for a while,” he explained. “It was hard to turn them down because of the support they showed. Leaving Brighton was tough. Liverpool’s interest came late, but by then, I was set on Chelsea. Not solely for the fee, but at Chelsea, winning is everything. There’s constant pressure to perform.”

He acknowledged the challenges faced by a new, youthful team like Chelsea, stating, “I think it’s about time. It’s going to take time”.

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